Summer is that time.

Summer is that time where you get up one morning and say “Hey, I’m gonna go and do this thing because I haven’t had the time to before and IT’S SUMMER!!”. We tell ourselves we’re going to renew our lost hobbies and passions and take up new ones. We’re going to take the time to better ourselves and prepare for a brighter future.

This is all true, don’t mistake it. But really, what a crock.

It’s that time again…but I’m serious this time. This blog thing has been sitting around for a few years now. I check in on it now and then and I try to write something, save it as a draft, and it eventually falls out of existence. I don’t really know what it is – what this is.


I really like writing the Quick Reviews, albeit they are actually fairly fleshed out even for some of the *AHEM*  unappealing games. I’d like to do much more of them and maybe branch off into TV or movies as well. General media topics as well can be covered I suppose. I have tons of drafts from the past year or so that jump on the bandwagon scandals and topics flooding this side of the internet (Women/Sexism in the video game industry, VR, light political type crap concerning internet neutrality, all that).

I tried to do some of the YouTubes thing the kids are talking about these days.

Talk about bandwagoning.


That didn’t really work out. I’m confident my efforts would’ve been slightly recognized just a few years ago before YT changed how related videos and tags work. Now you pretty much only get the jackwagons who paid for advertising and higher search results. Nothing against them, I guess. But the PerDurPies of the internet don’t really need more viewers. They have them already and they’ll surely get more, but it’s kind of annoying. Again, nothing against the kings of youtube….most of them anyway.

You go back into these guy’s history and its pretty barren at the start. They have shitty set-ups and tended to play what they actually wanted to play. Now that they’re big they are sort of inclined – if not forced – to play what everyone else is playing (other youtube kings) to keep up and stay alive. If you’ve gone into the video history of relatively new players on the king field, you’ll usually see that they started using those fancy cringey attention-grabbing titles and custom thumbnails from the very start so they can compete. Unless they do something incredibly unique and attractive, they too seem to have to hop on the game of the week bandwagon to get views.

Anyhoo, I’ve been out of country since I really got into the swing of making videos and my rig is great and all but its environment just not well suited for this at the moment…and the moments composing of the last year or so. I find myself playing at night so I don’t disturb others and so I don’t embarrass myself during the day. It’s mainly the embarrassment. Thin walls around these parts. I don’t really scream, but looking back at earlier videos when I had a free range of volume it seemed like I was having a much better time and the constant loud meltdowns still make me laugh. Currently my video card is a lemon and hasn’t shown its true colors until I finally changed everything out a few months ago. So a lot of games are off limits even for my own enjoyment. It crashes firefox and freezes a few times per day for no reason. Where I’m currently located its possible to get another one of equal quality if I sold a limb or two, so it will be a while until I can stabilize that side of things.

There’s another thing I dabbled with in this past summer though that I haven’t shared much of in the past…

Making games?

I’ve messed with many game makers (including Game Maker) and have attempted to write 2D, 3D, and even boring text-based games in the past. The closest thing I got to ever making such things a reality is level-editing for Gold-Src (HL1) and Source engine games. In addition, I have jumped into mods, server running, building entire *cough* small communities, modeling, texturing, pretty much everything. I was exposed to the wonders of early Steam all because I bought Condition Zero that one day in 2005.

Steam tells me that day was May 28th, 2005. Wow.

Anyway I got pretty far into my game making foray this summer by the way of severe copyright infringement. Let me explain. My whole issue, especially with 3D games, is that I could theoretically get them off the ground but what the hell are you going to be looking at when you play? Where’s the art? I’m hardly artistic says the writer-video editor-game maker-community manager-person.

On second thought, those should all be marketable skills I should put on my resume.

So instead of making a 2D game with mangled (somewhat copyright-infringement) art from sprite sheets around the net, why not make a 2D game based on another 2D game from the arcade past with the same art?


I’m talking Robocop.

Shameless self-promotion from a game I can’t ever possibly profit on coming through!

I stole it. I stole it all. Except for the gameplay. I made so much progress because the art was out of the way. If I were to ever want to continue it, although I’d still never be able to sell it probably, I’d be in the best spot to perfect the gameplay and then create custom art. It’s been the thing that’s held me back forever.

It’s been about two months since I’ve touched it but it’s still something I want to continue. That, and a mod for HL1 should still be completed sometime before people forget what the hell Half-Life even is.

I digress.

I’ll throw up some updates if they happen to come along. I may want to make a separate blog for such developments which leads me to:

More blogs?

I know, MORE BLOGS!?!? I can barely even maintain one and it doesn’t even have a true direction yet. Other than separating the development stuff which would be so rare it may warrant just a nice corner of the internet to collect dust on, I was thinking of opening a more personal blog. I’m not very personal…or personal sharing for that matter. But I could do it as part of a photo blog or something. I have no idea what I would write about since most of my opinions and interests stem from the things already covered here. That’s why a mix of writing and photos may do better. I’m not sure. Depends on what transpires in the next few months. Maybe I’ll leak some personal tidbits on here and see how it meshes. It’s called “Intrusive Thought”, which is the perfectest title for a personal blog. Let’s just see where it goes. If it gets too crazy I’ll split them up after the fact.

Another idea I had was for something way more specialized: a car blog. And I don’t mean just taking pictures of old rusting Mustangs and talking about the new 535i (whatever the frick that is). I mean something about cars in general, especially my car. I’m always doing stuff to it. Sane stuff, not insane things like lifting it and installing intercoolers.

Although she runs a bit hot these days. I may need an intercooler….

I could put up car blogs and how-to’s with video, another thing I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I’ll surely have all the blogs connected, if there are even going to be any more. These are all still crazy ideas. And you know me and crazy ideas ha-ha. This Intrusive blog and everything its gone for as of yet will still be my main focus.


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