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Quick Review: Codename Cure

Probably the first review that’s actually pretty quick!

Codename CURE was released a little ways back in July on Steam as a free early access game. The short jist: it’s a class based co-op zombie shooter made in the Source engine. You pick from the basic array of classes – ie. guy with shotgun or guy with machine gun – and each come with a particular ability or item that supposedly differentiates that class from the rest.

Unfortunately lackluster gameplay, re-used assets, and poor (often ugly) map design, makes Codename CURE easily forgotten.

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Summer is that time.

Summer is that time where you get up one morning and say “Hey, I’m gonna go and do this thing because I haven’t had the time to before and IT’S SUMMER!!”. We tell ourselves we’re going to renew our lost hobbies and passions and take up new ones. We’re going to take the time to better ourselves and prepare for a brighter future.

This is all true, don’t mistake it. But really, what a crock.

It’s that time again…but I’m serious this time. This blog thing has been sitting around for a few years now. I check in on it now and then and I try to write something, save it as a draft, and it eventually falls out of existence. I don’t really know what it is – what this is.

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