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Quick Review: Door Kickers Alpha (Lite)

A quick look at an alpha of an alpha.

I’ve never funded a Kickstarter campaign for a video game before, but I nearly did for some.¬†KillHouse Game’s Door Kickers had my wallet out, but the nature of the game turned me off. They, like all the other campaigns I was interested in, desired to restore the elements found in the heyday of tactical shooters to a modern gaming platform. In this case, it would be a 2D top-down tactical planning sim inspired by Rainbow Six and SWAT. Although this isn’t a game I would play regularly (for certain reasons), I felt obligated as a RS/SWAT veteran to at least check out the free alpha.

Note: The Alpha 3 “Lite” version was released well before the early access version on Steam. I hadn’t played this version found on their website until recently. Because of obvious reasons, I’ll only be talking about the core portions of the game that are clearly shared across all versions.

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