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Quick Review: Bullet Run

Sure looks like a blast, doesn’t it?

A few moons ago (July 31st), a new free-to-play shooter popped up on Steam. Usually, free or not, I wouldn’t jump directly to the download button without previous knowledge of a game. Yet Bullet Run gave me a good first impression as I only needed to read a line or two of features before I began installing.

If you haven’t already guessed: Bullet Run is a free-to-play MMOFPS developed by ACONY Games and published by Sony Online Entertainment. So what makes Bullet Run different from the other, now plentiful, FPS MMOs out there?

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GoldenEye: Source Trailer

More trailers eh?

At least this time it’s not a machinima.

I made this in about 12 hours, gameplay and all. This experiment sort of derailed and ended up being another eye candy piece.

The primary focus was:

  • Synchronized music + footage
  • Non-montage FPS gameplay – which is why it is a trailer
  • Entertaining, short, and to the point video

Synchronizing the music is really the only one that didn’t make the impact I had hoped for. There are so many beats in the GE/James Bond theme that it’s almost impossible to follow it behind gameplay if it was truly in sync.

But there are still those moments where it scarily matches up perfectly.

Not intentionally, of course.

More experiments and maybe real projects to come.