DoD:S Machinima Trailer

Yeah, so this is a little late. This is “Savior”, a 70 second trailer for a project that may or may not ever be completed. I put it up on YT on July 19th as you can see. I meant to post this on the 20th but something else occupied my time instead. But that’s something I wish to talk about later in another post.

I felt good about this trailer when I finished. The project itself was really a mock-up of some machinima that could happen. Many things had been cut, mostly action bits, since I really wanted the video to be fast with emphasis on the ending.

I don’t know if I will make anything more of this. It was primarily a test like many  other things I create. Day of Defeat: Source has a perfect atmosphere for film/machinima and I foresee myself working more with it in the future. If the Source Film Maker works with it then I definitely will.

Speaking of the Source Film Maker: I don’t like its timing. I have all these projects running around in my head and now SFM has broken them. Sure, it’s a more powerful tool, but it’s a new tool to learn with its own issues and limitations.

Why am I being so cynical? Because it’s Valve.

Come on.



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