DoD:S Machinima WIP

This is a small ten second portion of a Day of Defeat: Source machinima trailer I’m working on.

I say “trailer” because I may or may not be finishing the whole project. SFM seems to have delayed and/or destroyed most of my projects in progress.

Fun fact: All audio was made in post since most of the captured footage had no in-game sound. In this portion alone there are at least 23 audio tracks playing within 10 seconds.

Also, YT likes to create sync issues.


About Ciarán

Spent 2008-2012 working on nooses for the financial sector. Earned praised for my work short selling carnival rides in Daytona, FL. Practiced in the art of donating squirt guns for the underprivileged. Developed several new methods for creating marketing channels for heroin with no outside help. I currently spend several months out of the year buying and selling crickets in the UK.

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