Ground Branch

I seriously thought my next post would be another bitch about ICS but unfortunately it’s not.

Kickstarter, heard of it? Of course you have!

Ground Branch, heard of that? Maybe not.

As of now these poor fellows only have about 25% of their total goal funded with 40 hours or so left to go. I thought I’d be generous and donate 50 to maybe 125 dollars. But while a measly 125 dollars can help this game’s development, it would barely make a dent in its overall $425,000 goal.

Since time is almost up and with the goal so far away I feel bad for not wanting to donate right now. Surely if this turns out like some other Kickstarter projects and it shoots up a few thousand nearing the last few hours then I’d be glad to help inch toward the goal.

For now, you can only watch and wait.


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Spent 2008-2012 working on nooses for the financial sector. Earned praised for my work short selling carnival rides in Daytona, FL. Practiced in the art of donating squirt guns for the underprivileged. Developed several new methods for creating marketing channels for heroin with no outside help. I currently spend several months out of the year buying and selling crickets in the UK.

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