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DoD:S Machinima Trailer

Yeah, so this is a little late. This is “Savior”, a 70 second trailer for a project that may or may not ever be completed. I put it up on YT on July 19th as you can see. I meant to post this on the 20th but something else occupied my time instead. But that’s something I wish to talk about later in another post.

I felt good about this trailer when I finished. The project itself was really a mock-up of some machinima that could happen. Many things had been cut, mostly action bits, since I really wanted the video to be fast with emphasis on the ending.

I don’t know if I will make anything more of this. It was primarily a test like many  other things I create. Day of Defeat: Source has a perfect atmosphere for film/machinima and I foresee myself working more with it in the future. If the Source Film Maker works with it then I definitely will.

Speaking of the Source Film Maker: I don’t like its timing. I have all these projects running around in my head and now SFM has broken them. Sure, it’s a more powerful tool, but it’s a new tool to learn with its own issues and limitations.

Why am I being so cynical? Because it’s Valve.

Come on.



DoD:S Machinima WIP

This is a small ten second portion of a Day of Defeat: Source machinima trailer I’m working on.

I say “trailer” because I may or may not be finishing the whole project. SFM seems to have delayed and/or destroyed most of my projects in progress.

Fun fact: All audio was made in post since most of the captured footage had no in-game sound. In this portion alone there are at least 23 audio tracks playing within 10 seconds.

Also, YT likes to create sync issues.

Ground Branch

I seriously thought my next post would be another bitch about ICS but unfortunately it’s not.

Kickstarter, heard of it? Of course you have!

Ground Branch, heard of that? Maybe not.

As of now these poor fellows only have about 25% of their total goal funded with 40 hours or so left to go. I thought I’d be generous and donate 50 to maybe 125 dollars. But while a measly 125 dollars can help this game’s development, it would barely make a dent in its overall $425,000 goal.

Since time is almost up and with the goal so far away I feel bad for not wanting to donate right now. Surely if this turns out like some other Kickstarter projects and it shoots up a few thousand nearing the last few hours then I’d be glad to help inch toward the goal.

For now, you can only watch and wait.

Hello World!


This is simple, really. If you do not find the above image funny or slightly amusing in any way then I kindly ask you to:


This is not a picture blog.

I swear.